Regardless if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not it is always a great time to think about what you have to be thankful for. Then again anytime is a good time so this just gave me a great opportunity to share with you how gratitude will benefit you in many ways. It allows expansion for better health, relaxed mind, an overall state of well being and many other benefits not even mentioned. When you experience the feelings of gratitude you drop any worry and anxiousness. With that said I would like to thank every one of my subscribers as well as those who allow me to share a part of their life. Wishing you abundance, happiness and success in all areas.


Moving Forward


The realization in order to get things done when working with other people you must depend on them being responsible. However what about  your own dependability of being responsible? In reflecting on some projects I have been working on and while getting everything in order, that involved communication and action from other people. When I’m ready to move forward and need other people to get moving, I have experienced major frustration. My feelings were they should be there at my beckon call after all business is business. In dealing with my frustrations I had to step back and think what is the lesson to be learned in this? Therefore I allowed some quiet time to reflect and got smacked right in the face of I’m guilty of doing the EXACT same thing. Have been putting my wants and needs above everybody else because after all what I want and need is important. That pretty much is where everyone else comes in. Their wants and needs are just as important as mine. There is the reality of many other people have just as much a full plate as you do if not more. Basically when ready to take action I did not want to wait because they are holding me up. Didn’t have a problem with holding others up due to I had details to work out. This helped overcome judging and pondering on other peoples motives. They must not be looked upon as a dollar sign or what can they do for you attitude. If you are working with them then you have a relationship that is forming or already has formed. In my dealings with Alpha personalities I have witnessed some major Ego control. To the point of losing the business deal because they had to be right. Being right was more important than considering the other person’s perspective or being compassionate about where they are coming from. It is no wonder people lose valuable dollars investing in their Ego. They are only sensitive to their own needs and cannot or will not reverse the role to consider where the other person is coming from. This is where I was able to squash my frustration and go from ready to give someone two earfuls in one ear to compassion and realization of my own inner stance. It would be wise before making any decision to stop, reflect, why do you have to be right? Would the world end if you happen to be wrong? What if the other person is wrong? Do you have to make a point of that to satisfy your own Ego? Are we not all human? Can you forgive someone for making a mistake? Better yet can you forgive yourself? My experience is if you learn to transcend the frustration to contemplation that you will be able to anger and anxiety down to a level of observation. In closing would like to say be kind to yourself and be kind to others. If you are able to change a negative view of someone to a compassionate view you will find that person is possibly reflecting back something you should be addressing in your own life. Think about the lesson and how you will grow from it. Everybody who has ever crosses your path is there for a reason and that reason was for you to transform something in your life or in theirs.

Where are you going without ever knowing the way?

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Good day all,

When you get in your vehicle or catch a flight, you know your destination. Therefore doesn’t it make sense to know the road you are taking in life? How do you get those ideas out of your head? Write them on paper, let it be the first thing you see when you wake up, focus on one and make a goal. After that goal has manifested move to the next one. Do what it takes to reach that goal, no excuses, no blames just moving forward with what it takes. I would like to offer a challenge for you to do for the next two weeks. At least once a day do something that is out of your comfort zone. It could be mending a relationship, going to a meeting you feel is out of your league, speaking in front of a large crowd, cook a fancy meal you would not even consider. There are so many things you can do and fear has stopped you in your tracks. Break the chains that have held you bondage. Do it and do not give your mind time to talk you out of it. You will find some of the challenges are actually fun and a relief that you went forward with it. Wishing you success in all areas of life, now carry on and live to the fullest.

Autumn beauty

20141024_094210Are you present to this moment right now? Can you enjoy the beauty of what is or are you already in the future of anxiousness? Stop, breathe and still the mind. Right now at this moment is the availability to the answer to all you seek in life. Be present now and enjoy the calmness that comes with it.

Today’s Creation


Instead of thoughts jumping on the to do list or dreaded things,  Have the thought of what am I going to create today? This will move you towards your desires with focus and clarity much faster than any physical work could accomplish.

Going with the flow of life.

wallpaperGoing with the flow is a form of going with what is. A person is considered in a state of nonresistance. It does not mean they like or even agree with the flow, it just means they have the mindset of it is what it is in this moment. They are not fighting the current. It is a state of allowing and not letting the mind be in control of being right such as having it just your way in order to maintain that control. It allows a place to observe your thoughts and not be your thoughts. Speaking of observing your thoughts have you ever tried that? Some do this in meditation when trying to quiet the mind. If meditation is not your thing then just do it at a time that you will not be interrupted for a few minutes. The more you fight to clear the mind the more you will have the sounds like the streets of New York city zooming through. You will even find when you observe some of them it is laughable.

Now we will use the term being with the flow, this is a place where you are not going with the crowd just to be fluent or trying to be in control. You are allowing what is while going towards your desires and using less energy allowing that which comes naturally. It can also be a form of nonchalant. Taking it easy and enjoying the ride as I like to refer to as chilling out. Now that you have the idea of the meaning, I would like to discuss how to let this flow happen naturally. If you will take in consideration that everything outside of you is a result of everything that is happening inside of you then it will allow you to go within and come to terms that everything is in your power to make a change. When you are anxious, nervous or worrying it is a storm within your own mind that can be transformed into a smooth transition. As mentioned earlier take the time to observe your thoughts and then take the time to stop your thoughts for a brief moment while taking a deep breath. This will allow you space to recollect where you want to go with them. What thoughts could you be thinking that moves you out of a state of anxiety or panic and into tranquility? Perhaps the beach, a vision of walking and connecting with nature? Visualizing your dreams would be a great place to start. You choose where you let your thoughts go so instead of letting the habits of the past grab your attention with unproductive thoughts. How about putting on an inspiring song, reading something you enjoy or anything uplifting that removes you from the thoughts that are only causing you pain. Keep in mind anytime you remove the thoughts that are unpleasant by dwelling in the past or the future then move them to the present moment, you have just brought yourself to a sacred place of life that you can create your most wanted desires. The presence of right now is truly your a gift. Open it and enjoy all there is with wonder and excitement knowing you decide what you create and that gives you the power and freedom that is exhilarating.