Overcoming Fear


The day of conquering.

Fear can come in different forms. We are going to cover the fear of being inadequate which can also go with lack of confidence. This can hinder you from obtaining a job you are seeking or even pursuing a relationship for fear of rejection. Now am I saying that if you conquer fear that you will never be or feel rejected? Absolutely not, however you will come to know that the rejection is not anything you need to take personal and you should not take it that way even if the other person says it is. Remember when other people are involved it is about them and you are to work on you. Move on, knock the dust off your feet and you will become successful if you keep moving forward. Do not ever let this be an excuse or reason for not to continue. Regardless of what others do you are accountable for your life where ever you are right now. Never give up and if you make a mistake just remember you found another way that did not work and learned from it. As long as you are seeking and moving forward you will be lead to other chances and opportunities. If it is a relationship scenario, consider this, you would not want to be with someone who is not sure of themselves, have trust in you or especially someone who doesn’t want to be with you, after all you deserve better than that. Sometimes it is just a compatibility conflict. To pursue a relationship that will have major issues is only creating disaster and that is the last thing you need in your life. You are worth so much more than that. Never settle for crumbs when there is a buffet of life waiting for you to take of your choosing. Who wants old stale sticky situations unless you are into drama. If that is your thing then I suggest you quit reading this now and go to Facebook and friend request people who like to hang their dirty laundry for all to see or some other social media site. To be blunt those type of people are as the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”. However if you are still reading this then most likely you are after the Gold in life and I am happy to see you think more of yourself because you are worthy. We have talked about relationships now were going to move on to careers. If you are dissatisfied in your job and just put up with it because it brings a pay check and pays the bills then you are not really “living”. You are just sustaining and getting by. Let me make a suggestion, get out there and find the jobs that are in line with your passion. If you do not know what your passion is then think of all the things you like and cannot live without. Something you would do even if money was not involved. Some people love exercise therefore they work as a fitness trainer or aerobics instructor because they are getting paid to do something they would be doing anyway while enjoying it as well. Go beyond the fear and fill out the applications, send resumes, go to interviews. The worst that can happen is you will not get the job however you will gain experience. If you keep on not only will the experience of it help build your confidence, this will lead to being hired. The key is to never give up and never settle for less. Then there is the option of starting your own business, if that is what you want to do then quit with the excuses and get started.

Now that we have covered some of the topics of fear and how there is no excuse, you can conquer anything that needs nothing more than the hero inside of you, get out and make things happen. Get the results you want in your life, show yourself the love that is due and deserved. Each day is a gift that you open every time you wake up so make the best of what you have been given and you will find that you are given more. Do not be surprised as you get the ball rolling that it snowballs into much more than you could even imagine. Things just start falling into place and you created that. It had nothing to do with luck it had everything to do with you and your drive to make things happen.

To your success and happiness.


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