Warning: Commitment ahead


With the New Year upon us many make resolutions such as losing weight being one of them.

After all it is a good commitment. Taking care of your body for health reasons and to insure you are able to perform in activities you enjoy should be of high importance. We know others cannot eat, exercise and sleep for you so we must mentally think about this commitment then make the choice. Although people will go off the regimen set and then throw their hands up and say diets do not work. When in truth most reasonable diets do work it is just the person on the diet ran into a challenge or needed an excuse and that excuse means they were not 100 percent committed. Sure when starting off they felt committed and then a few obstacles got in the way and its over.

Now I didn’t come here to focus on just weight, diets or any of that jazz, just wanted to use it as an example of a commitment that might not be carried out. My purpose here is to talk and focus on any commitment you make. It is your responsibility to consider any risk and any issues that could come your way when making a commitment. You see, many are committed until a problem arises. Then they get to the point that the problem is all they can see and therefore the commitment is no longer in view of their goal. What if you see this challenge as an opportunity? Something for you to overcome and learn from. Even if you make a mistake it is a lesson learned in which you will not make again. Consider that if you do not keep pushing forward then you would do better to have visions of a fantasy land without ever taking action. Some may say that any action is better than no action at all. That is agreeable ONLY if it moves the person forward and they keep on with the commitment and goals in mind determined to do whatever it takes. Does this mean that you are not committed if you fall off the wagon and take a dead end trail? No it does not as long as you get back on the wagon. It is not about learning more knowledge, studying more books, getting more degrees. This is about you and who you are. I would like you to ask yourself this question. Who are you? Many identify with their thoughts as being them or what someone else says is them. Although that is not you it is so easy to let your thoughts dominate and say it is so. That petty voice always reminding you of how you will fail and holding on to your fears as a safety net because it makes you feel safe and protected. The fear of failure and rejection ranks at the top so what if you consider that fear is an illusion that you identify with to avoid these things. When what you need to consider is fear of failure is an opportunity for you to move forward in order to release yourself from bondage. Then the fear of rejection is not even about you, it is about the person doing the rejecting which in reality is not rejection at all, it is them coming from a place that they identify with. Once you become stable in who you are it takes the burden off of worrying about what others are.

Are you in a place where you feel stuck and want to move forward? Are you ready to drop the illusions of the mind and quit self sabotaging yourself? Shoot me an email at transcending4ever@gmail.com and we will discuss. Looking forward to assisting you.


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