Week 1-Master Keys Mastermind

20141024_091907  Here I start on a new path and the picture you see is pretty much how I feel. Wanting to cross, yet foggy and not sure what is on the other side. Even though I’m very excited about my new adventure, I’m also nervous and unsure. What am I nervous and unsure about? Well it is not the classes for they promise me a greater life if I do what is instructed and stick with it. That is just it, I have never stuck with anything that wasn’t demanded or felt like I had to do. This journey is about living my heart desire. I have had merely a taste of such and zig zagged to the point I always got mediocre results. Sure, many call me lucky and say I’m doing great compared to others. I can’t say I ever really lacked for anything. Well actually that is not so, I know there is a greater world inside me that I have NOT been living. That greater world is the very world that will allow me to lead others considered less fortunate than me to do the same. My fear is that I will drop the ball like I have done on so many other occasions. However there is also a drive this time, this time will be different. I can drop the ball and get the same results as in the past, never living up to my dreams I have for myself and family. This time it is decided to move forward and stay on the path. This is my life and if I was so content then I wouldn’t be here in the first place. There is a driving force in me that says you will endure and you will succeed. That force is what I and the world is waiting on and I will not keep myself or the world waiting any longer. As Mark J says, peace be the journey.


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