Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 9


Hello fellow Master Keyers. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. These weeks are passing by so fast. It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Anyway, I’m wondering how many Master Key students refrained from shopping on Black Friday in order to protect their mental diet? The diet is getting easier, but sure enough, as soon as I let my guard slip, I seem to be starting over again. I will get there soon. I am also noticing that there are clues and hints all around us that point right at the Master Keys. Virtually all of the personal development that I have been listening to constantly relates to the system. Even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gave us a clue with the balloons that accompanied Santa at the end of the parade, which simply said Believe. It is amazing that I was so blind…

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Old Blue Print, New Blue Print, Subby & ME!


So much of what I’ve read through the course of my life has lead me to here.

I’ve seen and experienced snippets of who I am to be, but just haven’t arrived as of yet.

Roller coaster is a term that could be used as it seems to be what I am on, emotionally. There is a war raging within. Old Blue is hanging on to what was always and has never been under any threat of real change. Old Blue is strong and stubborn. Miserable, cranky and full of tricks, but ME & subby got us a new blue and we’re in this thing for the duration. True change may be slow at first, but as we’ve experience those snippets, we have the knowledge and the memory of what it IS being a newer blue.

A small example that happened this week. I was wanting to edit a document…

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Week-9: Breaking “writer’s block…”


So glad to be back from being on the road.  While I did take all my #MKMMA training materials with me, and I did manage to keep on schedule to about 90% or better within integrity (to the training), I came face-to-face with many tough choices.  I learned much; the next trip will be far different!

Okay, for all my friends who’ve grown accustomed to my lengthy, near-to dissertation-like musings, it must have come as quite a shock not to have seen much from me last week….

Well.  Well. Well.

He’s back!

Before I dig in, this has been the single most difficult week yet for me to begin the writing.  You’re going to laugh and disagree with the “Title” when you finally reach the end, however it took me 5 days of background (subconscious) processing to reach out and finally  put my fingers to keyboard.  I’ve done this for over 30…

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