Frustration Part 1



There is not anybody alive who has not experienced frustration of some sort. There are so many things in our lives that can cause frustration. Going to work when you do not feel like it, hating your job and wanting out and feeling stuck, change of schedule, family getting sick, school, scheduling or changes of some sort. Dealing with an over bearing boss, spouse, teenager, family member or friend and the list goes on.

It is more easy to get frustrated when there is not a balance in our life or there is disruption. How do we manage to keep a balance? Does the battle ever end? Are we meant to just wake up, start the day to get everything possible done just to go to bed exhausted only to wake up the next morning to do it all over again? We do endless things only looking for that day off that can’t come soon enough or a vacation that never last long enough. That is if we can work a vacation in at all. Is this truly living? When do we say enough is enough and change our routine? Although routine can be a nice thing when you are living your dreams and not stressing to the max. Is it any wonder people feel guilty for not having enough time for their family and even more so no time for them self? We are deserving of a good life that is not hectic and chaotic so how do we get there? Why are things the way they are and it seems the majority of people we know is experiencing this phenomenon.

We feel broken, confused, over worked emotionally and physically. The feeling of life should have more to offer than this. How are we able to get out of this cycle? Nothing seems to change and when it does it only adds more stress due to being an unwanted change. Is there a solution to all this madness? Well I’m here to tell you there is and help is on the way. Check out my next article on answer to frustration part 2 that will be released on my blog next week. Make sure to sign up via email so not to miss a post.