Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 9


Hello fellow Master Keyers. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. These weeks are passing by so fast. It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Anyway, I’m wondering how many Master Key students refrained from shopping on Black Friday in order to protect their mental diet? The diet is getting easier, but sure enough, as soon as I let my guard slip, I seem to be starting over again. I will get there soon. I am also noticing that there are clues and hints all around us that point right at the Master Keys. Virtually all of the personal development that I have been listening to constantly relates to the system. Even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gave us a clue with the balloons that accompanied Santa at the end of the parade, which simply said Believe. It is amazing that I was so blind…

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Old Blue Print, New Blue Print, Subby & ME!


So much of what I’ve read through the course of my life has lead me to here.

I’ve seen and experienced snippets of who I am to be, but just haven’t arrived as of yet.

Roller coaster is a term that could be used as it seems to be what I am on, emotionally. There is a war raging within. Old Blue is hanging on to what was always and has never been under any threat of real change. Old Blue is strong and stubborn. Miserable, cranky and full of tricks, but ME & subby got us a new blue and we’re in this thing for the duration. True change may be slow at first, but as we’ve experience those snippets, we have the knowledge and the memory of what it IS being a newer blue.

A small example that happened this week. I was wanting to edit a document…

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Week-9: Breaking “writer’s block…”


So glad to be back from being on the road.  While I did take all my #MKMMA training materials with me, and I did manage to keep on schedule to about 90% or better within integrity (to the training), I came face-to-face with many tough choices.  I learned much; the next trip will be far different!

Okay, for all my friends who’ve grown accustomed to my lengthy, near-to dissertation-like musings, it must have come as quite a shock not to have seen much from me last week….

Well.  Well. Well.

He’s back!

Before I dig in, this has been the single most difficult week yet for me to begin the writing.  You’re going to laugh and disagree with the “Title” when you finally reach the end, however it took me 5 days of background (subconscious) processing to reach out and finally  put my fingers to keyboard.  I’ve done this for over 30…

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Week 1-Master Keys Mastermind

20141024_091907  Here I start on a new path and the picture you see is pretty much how I feel. Wanting to cross, yet foggy and not sure what is on the other side. Even though I’m very excited about my new adventure, I’m also nervous and unsure. What am I nervous and unsure about? Well it is not the classes for they promise me a greater life if I do what is instructed and stick with it. That is just it, I have never stuck with anything that wasn’t demanded or felt like I had to do. This journey is about living my heart desire. I have had merely a taste of such and zig zagged to the point I always got mediocre results. Sure, many call me lucky and say I’m doing great compared to others. I can’t say I ever really lacked for anything. Well actually that is not so, I know there is a greater world inside me that I have NOT been living. That greater world is the very world that will allow me to lead others considered less fortunate than me to do the same. My fear is that I will drop the ball like I have done on so many other occasions. However there is also a drive this time, this time will be different. I can drop the ball and get the same results as in the past, never living up to my dreams I have for myself and family. This time it is decided to move forward and stay on the path. This is my life and if I was so content then I wouldn’t be here in the first place. There is a driving force in me that says you will endure and you will succeed. That force is what I and the world is waiting on and I will not keep myself or the world waiting any longer. As Mark J says, peace be the journey.


First off would like to start off by saying the reason this topic is passionate to me is because I love people and therefore would like to guide those who could use some assistance in loving one’s on self so that they can then go on to love others fully. I have heard people say that “so in so is in love with them self”. This is not about the Ego self-love where one is only looking for self- gain at any cost even to the point of devaluing others, will save that for another day because Ego love is really not self- love at all. In fact it could most likely fall under self-hatred due to it is being disguised to cover up some self- esteem issue or other related problems.

Now to move on to self-love that is an improvement in your life is what will be dealt with and discussed here. Starting with yourself use your mind to think of thoughts that describe you. How many of those would you perceive as positive? How many of those would you perceive as negative? My suggestion is to write this down on paper labeling one side positive, the other negative and separate them with a line. Try to write at least 10 things about yourself or how you feel about yourself. Now keep in mind this is not about what others say about you because that would be about them, for instance have you ever been called stupid or an idiot by a complete stranger? They do not even know you so what credentials do they have for making a judgment? Perhaps you have been called this or other things by people you do know such as loved ones and friends. Yet again this would be about them not about you. Keep in mind when someone decides to get mad and lash out that they have just lost control of their own power. There is most likely some deep rooted reason about themselves that caused that reaction towards you or someone else.

Continuing with the exercise, after you write some things that you truly believe about yourself I would like you to start with the first one that is positive (Hopefully you have at least one positive and if not dig deeper because I can assure you there are several). Write down beside it why you feel this about yourself. Chances are it is because you are confident in this area and you just know that it is a strong point you possess. Now look at your first negative and also write down why you feel this about yourself. Remember that because someone else said it is not being used here for a reason since it does not validate to be true and they are not allowed to speak here. They must hold the silence unless they are dealing with themselves then they may participate as well. Once you come up with a reason why you feel this way about yourself try and think of or remember a time that you picked up this belief. Was it at a certain age? This could actually be tied to another person because you had/have such love or respect for them that you accepted it as your own. Maybe you do not even remember when you took this belief because it has been so long and you just believe it to be so.

Now that you have put one reason for a positive and a negative of why you feel this way about yourself go on to do it for every one you listed on paper. The purpose of this is that if you have more negative than positive you can most likely guess where your self-love scores on a scale of 1 to 10. However do not let that be the focus, it does not mean you are hopeless or broken because this is actually a great way for you to work on bringing to the surface of why you feel this way about yourself and to get past those limiting beliefs. Think of it this way, if you can raise your level of self-love then how much more can you become aware and come to the realization of how others reactions cannot affect you? Having compassion is a form of love so that would be fine however letting someone else determine your mood or day is where it is best to draw the line. In fact as you become more aware of other peoples actions you can even become more compassion for them. If they are angry at you then this would be due to their suffering and they are only blaming someone else because they believe it will alleviate the pain they are experiencing at that moment. Although it is only temporary relief since it is not getting to the root of their problem. These same people generally are always angry, whiny or blaming someone else since it seems easier than taking responsibility for themselves and what role they play in the circumstance. If only they could see how they are sabotaging their joy of life by not closing in on that they are giving away all the power to someone else and therefore will always feel powerless as long as they are playing the blame game. If any of this describes you then it is time to get to a better place by claiming any emotions that are perceived to be caused by other people and come to realize that it is up to you to decide how to be in control. It is your responsibility to own up to things in your life without overreacting and saying this is all someone else fault. Granted other people may be involved that caused situations, part of moving forward is dealing with it and working things out without getting into a screaming match or belittling another person.

To give some examples of how to show your own self the love you deserve. Drinking a glass of water over a soda because you know it is the better choice. This of course could also be a food choice. Another example would be to get out for a breath of fresh air to clear your mind of any anxiousness, fear or worries. It could be something like anytime you get a negative thought in your head and turning it into a positive such as you might think I’m not able or qualified to do this task to one that says I am more than able using my mind, talent, research or any resources you have available to you. Do not rule out other people, many are more than willing to help you get what you need accomplished if you are willing to ask. If not, then move on till you get to someone or something that gets you closer to your goal. There are great people out there who want to help others. Tell yourself giving up is not an option you will succeed! This empowerment will elevate your self-love and help you move towards the love and success you deserve.

Did you know that self-love will also help you conquer your fears? Love is total acceptance of what is. This force inside of you called love is waiting to overcome that fear which was most likely caused from a past event or thought that entered your mind some time previously.

Self-love will transcend any perceived weaknesses to strengths and any strong points to higher awareness. It moves you to creating your own life, making your own choices to be as successful as desired.

There is much more than can be discussed with self-love that writing or describing will not even scratch the surface. However I hope that this has enlightened you to a few things you can work on to become aware of your potential and the power you possess inside of you just by letting your love shine through.

Wishing you success and most of all “Love” in everything you set out to accomplish knowing that you ARE more than able.

Would you like love and success in all areas of your life? Sign up for an amazing sales class that is starting up March 3rd 2015. This consist of a 14 week course with the opportunity for questions in which I will personally be there. It will be a small group so as to provide the individual attention needed. This will teach you much more than sales it falls under transformational value. It involves you building strong relationships and keeping life long customers. Email Tina Uhles for details at

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Warning: Commitment ahead


With the New Year upon us many make resolutions such as losing weight being one of them.

After all it is a good commitment. Taking care of your body for health reasons and to insure you are able to perform in activities you enjoy should be of high importance. We know others cannot eat, exercise and sleep for you so we must mentally think about this commitment then make the choice. Although people will go off the regimen set and then throw their hands up and say diets do not work. When in truth most reasonable diets do work it is just the person on the diet ran into a challenge or needed an excuse and that excuse means they were not 100 percent committed. Sure when starting off they felt committed and then a few obstacles got in the way and its over.

Now I didn’t come here to focus on just weight, diets or any of that jazz, just wanted to use it as an example of a commitment that might not be carried out. My purpose here is to talk and focus on any commitment you make. It is your responsibility to consider any risk and any issues that could come your way when making a commitment. You see, many are committed until a problem arises. Then they get to the point that the problem is all they can see and therefore the commitment is no longer in view of their goal. What if you see this challenge as an opportunity? Something for you to overcome and learn from. Even if you make a mistake it is a lesson learned in which you will not make again. Consider that if you do not keep pushing forward then you would do better to have visions of a fantasy land without ever taking action. Some may say that any action is better than no action at all. That is agreeable ONLY if it moves the person forward and they keep on with the commitment and goals in mind determined to do whatever it takes. Does this mean that you are not committed if you fall off the wagon and take a dead end trail? No it does not as long as you get back on the wagon. It is not about learning more knowledge, studying more books, getting more degrees. This is about you and who you are. I would like you to ask yourself this question. Who are you? Many identify with their thoughts as being them or what someone else says is them. Although that is not you it is so easy to let your thoughts dominate and say it is so. That petty voice always reminding you of how you will fail and holding on to your fears as a safety net because it makes you feel safe and protected. The fear of failure and rejection ranks at the top so what if you consider that fear is an illusion that you identify with to avoid these things. When what you need to consider is fear of failure is an opportunity for you to move forward in order to release yourself from bondage. Then the fear of rejection is not even about you, it is about the person doing the rejecting which in reality is not rejection at all, it is them coming from a place that they identify with. Once you become stable in who you are it takes the burden off of worrying about what others are.

Are you in a place where you feel stuck and want to move forward? Are you ready to drop the illusions of the mind and quit self sabotaging yourself? Shoot me an email at and we will discuss. Looking forward to assisting you.

Frustration Part 2


Answer to frustration Part 2

It is said that part of the American dream is buying a home, having a family and making ends meet. Just be content in what you have. I actually believe you can be happy with what you have and you can be happier when you are able to have more. Things do not make you happy and if they do it is not permanent. Happiness is not achieved by not being able to have those things either. Therefore to be able to pursue your desires, get the things that bring you happiness, help make the people you love happy and most of all spending quality time with the ones you love without having to stress the bills, the lack of time, guilt and all the other chaotic issues you are dealing with in your life.

If all these same things are running through your head over and over then it is time for a change. It is time that you stop and make quiet time to dwell on what you want to change in your life. You may say there is no time for that although there is always time. Make that extra 15 minutes before you fall asleep to think on your ideal life or at least a better life. Start with small things such as getting up 10 minutes earlier, if that is not feasible take a few minutes during your break or lunch. Instead of the first thing on your mind when you wake up of dreading the day to get things done, think of how grateful you are for the things you enjoy and already have in your life. Change your routine a little such as instead of running for the coffee, some social media site, news or email. Try reading a 5 minute inspirational article, something that feels good inside and resonates with you. Did you get that? Yes something inspirational starting your day first thing can affect your whole day not to mention the quality of your mood. It could also be something you enjoy such as gardening, cooking or any hobby. I love nature, animals and cooking so I get excited about a new recipe which only takes me 5 minutes to view and print out or get a snap shot on my phone so as to pick up that extra ingredient needed when on the road. Also it lifts my spirit seeing an article or picture of an animal rescued. I love a walk around the neighborhood on a pretty morning even if only 10 minutes to clear my head. Do not be quick to jump on the Internet to see the headlines of a fear based article of the next epidemic, killing spree or whatever perceived negative thing that can be thrown in your mind first thing in the morning or at night before going to bed. Yes these things do happen however we do not have to dwell on them. It does impact your thinking and emotions. After all you do have your life to start each day so living and reading about mayhem in another life or part of the world is not going to improve yours for the better. Do not worry about falling behind on the news, the media will make sure to report any fear based or negative messages at least a 100 times a day. If that is important to you then watch the news once a week and you most likely will be caught up. My suggestion is you try not to be caught up in all that since it takes away from things you could productively be doing, things you enjoy so much more. Notice how you feel after watching or reading negativity in the news. Since hardly any of it is positive you most likely will feel worst after the fact. I’m not trying to be insensitive to these things because again these things do happen however does it need to affect you if you have no control over the matter? Sympathy is fine and lending a helping hand if you are able. It is better left alone however if it controls your mood, emotions and the condition of how your day will start or end. Now let us move on to greener pastures. Take the time to reflect on your life you have right now. There is no need to dwell on past mistakes, if you learned from them then the past is where they need to stay. Right now is the time and only time there is to start making changes. It is easy to say I will do this now and work on the changes later. That is because you are comfortable with a routine even though it is causing you the pain and suffering you say you want out of. You may say I do want out of this but I have to do so and so. Hey many of those things will still be there. Would it not be in your best interest to take just 5 minutes to close your eyes to just ponder on what you are going to change in your life to something you desire? Write it down as to make sure not to forget when you have that inspiring idea. It is like wanting to change jobs, how do you do that? Amazingly some people feel stuck and say they cannot for there are no other jobs out there or maybe there are but they do not have the experience, hours, pay, or any excuse that seems valid so I’m still stuck where I am. I want to say really?! Are you so sure about that? It is easier to have that mindset because it does not involve much research or extra time that needs to be put into it. Maybe you have heard it from other people. However if you really want a change in a job or any situation YOU WILL make the time to get out there and look, do the research it pays off. What if every self-made millionaire said well that person was just lucky or smarter than me then they would have never taken the next step to create what was in their head that produced the results that brought in the abundance of money.

Hey I’m the first to admit that change is not comfortable at first, although neither is the pain of living day to day in a rut you want out of. Once the pain of doing what you do over rides the fear of change and commitment then you will take the change seriously. I quit a job that I used to enjoy of 21 years with 9 years to go for full retirement. My friends said I was insane however the last year of working in there was misery and I could not fathom another 9 years of my life in a place that I had come to not even be motivated. This is my life and others cannot live it for me so it is in my best interest to be happy where I am now. We are not promised tomorrow so I was not willing to gamble another 9 years that seems like forever when you are not happy. My passion is to help those whom like myself, had been living in chaos of constant running with what seemed like no means to an end in sight.

It really is possible however that is only if “YOU” make it possible. You are in charge of your life. Every decision you have made whether involving others or just yourself have had the influence and paved the path to where you are now. Therefore it only makes sense that you use the power you possess inside of you and start making these changes. Start small or start large just start! Stay with it and be persistent, it will become a habit. Do not let other things take that joy away from you. Do not blame others and give them your power. Make time for yourself, do the things you enjoy. Make time for your family. Start moving towards your own desire and quality of life. Write goals daily, even if you just start with one, that is still one more than you had previously. Follow through, no excuses, if you miss that goal you set for a certain day then work on it till it has come to pass. You will find that it becomes easier and your confidence will soar.

Now that you have somewhere to start then get rolling and I wish you all the success and happiness you deserve.

Frustration Part 1



There is not anybody alive who has not experienced frustration of some sort. There are so many things in our lives that can cause frustration. Going to work when you do not feel like it, hating your job and wanting out and feeling stuck, change of schedule, family getting sick, school, scheduling or changes of some sort. Dealing with an over bearing boss, spouse, teenager, family member or friend and the list goes on.

It is more easy to get frustrated when there is not a balance in our life or there is disruption. How do we manage to keep a balance? Does the battle ever end? Are we meant to just wake up, start the day to get everything possible done just to go to bed exhausted only to wake up the next morning to do it all over again? We do endless things only looking for that day off that can’t come soon enough or a vacation that never last long enough. That is if we can work a vacation in at all. Is this truly living? When do we say enough is enough and change our routine? Although routine can be a nice thing when you are living your dreams and not stressing to the max. Is it any wonder people feel guilty for not having enough time for their family and even more so no time for them self? We are deserving of a good life that is not hectic and chaotic so how do we get there? Why are things the way they are and it seems the majority of people we know is experiencing this phenomenon.

We feel broken, confused, over worked emotionally and physically. The feeling of life should have more to offer than this. How are we able to get out of this cycle? Nothing seems to change and when it does it only adds more stress due to being an unwanted change. Is there a solution to all this madness? Well I’m here to tell you there is and help is on the way. Check out my next article on answer to frustration part 2 that will be released on my blog next week. Make sure to sign up via email so not to miss a post.

Overcoming Fear


The day of conquering.

Fear can come in different forms. We are going to cover the fear of being inadequate which can also go with lack of confidence. This can hinder you from obtaining a job you are seeking or even pursuing a relationship for fear of rejection. Now am I saying that if you conquer fear that you will never be or feel rejected? Absolutely not, however you will come to know that the rejection is not anything you need to take personal and you should not take it that way even if the other person says it is. Remember when other people are involved it is about them and you are to work on you. Move on, knock the dust off your feet and you will become successful if you keep moving forward. Do not ever let this be an excuse or reason for not to continue. Regardless of what others do you are accountable for your life where ever you are right now. Never give up and if you make a mistake just remember you found another way that did not work and learned from it. As long as you are seeking and moving forward you will be lead to other chances and opportunities. If it is a relationship scenario, consider this, you would not want to be with someone who is not sure of themselves, have trust in you or especially someone who doesn’t want to be with you, after all you deserve better than that. Sometimes it is just a compatibility conflict. To pursue a relationship that will have major issues is only creating disaster and that is the last thing you need in your life. You are worth so much more than that. Never settle for crumbs when there is a buffet of life waiting for you to take of your choosing. Who wants old stale sticky situations unless you are into drama. If that is your thing then I suggest you quit reading this now and go to Facebook and friend request people who like to hang their dirty laundry for all to see or some other social media site. To be blunt those type of people are as the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”. However if you are still reading this then most likely you are after the Gold in life and I am happy to see you think more of yourself because you are worthy. We have talked about relationships now were going to move on to careers. If you are dissatisfied in your job and just put up with it because it brings a pay check and pays the bills then you are not really “living”. You are just sustaining and getting by. Let me make a suggestion, get out there and find the jobs that are in line with your passion. If you do not know what your passion is then think of all the things you like and cannot live without. Something you would do even if money was not involved. Some people love exercise therefore they work as a fitness trainer or aerobics instructor because they are getting paid to do something they would be doing anyway while enjoying it as well. Go beyond the fear and fill out the applications, send resumes, go to interviews. The worst that can happen is you will not get the job however you will gain experience. If you keep on not only will the experience of it help build your confidence, this will lead to being hired. The key is to never give up and never settle for less. Then there is the option of starting your own business, if that is what you want to do then quit with the excuses and get started.

Now that we have covered some of the topics of fear and how there is no excuse, you can conquer anything that needs nothing more than the hero inside of you, get out and make things happen. Get the results you want in your life, show yourself the love that is due and deserved. Each day is a gift that you open every time you wake up so make the best of what you have been given and you will find that you are given more. Do not be surprised as you get the ball rolling that it snowballs into much more than you could even imagine. Things just start falling into place and you created that. It had nothing to do with luck it had everything to do with you and your drive to make things happen.

To your success and happiness.